Makerbase, Creative Social Platform, , New York  View the  Makerbase Style Guide  and  Website
 Fencers Club, , New York  View the Fencer's Club  Style Guide
 Wrap Skills, Vinyl Auto Wraps, , Texas
 The Message Magazine, ,
 MLTSHP Digital Social Community Launching May 1st 2017.  View the  MLTSHP Style Guide  
 Jonathan Handelman, Counselor at Law, , Maine
 Goliad Democrats, The City of Goliad, Texas
 Station082, Kids Arcade and Technological Camps, Washington
 James Reps, Photographers, Prop Stylists, Food Stylists, , New York
 Pilate Your Body, Yoga Center and Pilates, Kentucky
 So Much Awesome, Personal Project, Austin Texas
 Mithril Technology, Cloud and Tech Services, , New York
 Bragada Mattresses, New York
 Ridesharing Campaign for Lyft (and Uber), California  View the the campaign's  digital advertising
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